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Cortina D'Ampezzo


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ALTA VIA NATURAL PARK Dolomiti d'Ampezzo

The beauty of Cortina d’Ampezzo is that it is surrounded by the most beautiful mountains in the world, the Dolomites, a world heritage site protected by UNESCO and the Ampezzo Dolomites Natural Park.
Enjoy Cortina offers a beautiful trek in close contact with these mountains, always remaining at high altitude and sleeping in comfortable and welcoming refuges with excellent cuisine. Daily excursions vary from walking along mountain paths

Tour duration 6 days / 5 nights – Departures on request

Cortina – Falzarego Pass by bus – Col dei Bos – Valon de Tofana – ref. Giussani – forc. Fontananegra – possibility of climbing to Tofana di Rozes (3225 m) overnight stay in Giussani.

Rif. Giussani – Majariè – Val Travenanzes – Cadin di Fanis – Casale f.lla – Valon Bianco – Malga Fanes Grande – Lake Limo – overnight stay Rif.Fanes – possibility of climbing to Monte Cavallo (2912m)

Rif.Fanes – Limo lake – Col Bechei – Ciadin del Taè – Antruiles – overnight stay at Malga Ra Stua – Climb Col Bechei di Sopra (2794 m)

Malga Ra Stua – Fodara Vedla – ref. Senes – Rif. Biella – Ale di Foses – Malga Ra Stua (overnight stay)

Malga Ra Stua – Alpe di Lerosa – Vsl di Gotres – sources of the Rufiedo lakes – Ospitale – Val Padeon – overnight stay Rif. Son Forca – climb Croda de R’Ancona (2366 m)

Rif, Son Forca – for.lla Staunies – “Ivano Dibona” ​​aided path – Col dei Stombe – Val Padeon – Ospitale. Cortina (by bus)

ALTA VIA NATURAL PARK Dolomiti d'Ampezzo

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