A panoramic Adventure trail - Guided Trips Between the Mountain Lodges of the Ampezzo Dolomites

6 days of guided trekking between alpine huts and lodges

Are you tired of the usual hotel stays and walks, that is, of the usual vacations? If you want to explore and experience the Dolomites this year, in the real sense of the and at 360 degrees, then we think we have a decidedly rare and unusual solution for you, one would be difficult to find elsewhere. Among our trekking packages, in fact, there is also a six-day vacation package in Cortina D’Ampezzo where you can enjoy a Panoramic Trekking Trail between the mountain lodges and the most fascinating, beautiful and remote corners of the Ampezzo Dolomites.


We at Enjoy Cortina can offer you this unusual vacation package in the Dolomites since we have always been here and know every corner of the paradise where we are lucky enough to live, not to mention all of the best guides and the best routes. We can only promise you one thing: when you return you will have amazing photos and stories to share with family and friends.


Here is how we have scheduled the guided Trekking tour between mountain lodges in the Dolomites, all hiking. If you have a passion for mountains, you won’t have to think twice about it.


Six Days of Nature Trekking in the Dolomites – A UNESCO World Heritage Site


1st day – Cortina d’Ampezzo
Arrival in Cortina and a stay at a B&B-style hotel. You will be greeted with a welcome cocktail, followed by a meeting with someone from the Enjoy Cortina agency who will provide you with informative materials for the following days.


2nd day – Cortina – Lagazuoi Lodge via Travenanzes Valley
Following breakfast in the hotel, a shuttle will take you to the beginning of the route in Pian De Loa. We recommend packing “light” when filling your backpack (change of clothing, personal items, flashlight, water, bag lunch for the first day, hiking shoes, telescoping hiking poles and raincoat).


Then, the trip begins. The route starts uphill: from the cabin of the Parco delle Dolomiti d’Ampezzo in Felizon (1314 m), it crosses the Pian de Loa area and the Ponte Alto that leads to the beginning of the Travenanzes Valley, all of this is on CAI path n. 401. The Travenanzes Valley is a long groove that divides the Tofane Group to the east from the Fanis Group to the west, a truly enchanting environment with high, multi-colored rock walls.


Arrival at the Lagazuoi Lodge is scheduled for the late afternoon; Lagazuoi Lodge (2752 m) is located in one of the most scenic places in the Dolomites, above Falzarego Pass.
There is a dinner and overnight stay in the lodge. For those who would like a moment to relax, there is the possibility to take advantage of the sauna if you make a reservation. Nothing is better than sipping a nice glass of wine while enjoying the colors of the sunset on the summits of the mountains in the Fanis Group.
Difficulty: medium difficulty, duration of around 6-7 hours.


3rd day – Lagazuoi Lodge – Falzarego Pass – Averau Pass – Averau Lodge
After a restorative rest and an abundant meal, the breathtaking descent from the lodge begins. Depending on your skill, you can choose how you make the descent from different opportunities and variations according to your abilities: the first is to simply descend along what in winter is the “Lagazuoi” ski trail, which leads directly to Falzarego Pass (CAI path 401-402);  For the more experienced, there is the alternative possibility, undoubtedly more scenic, of descending by crossing the Galleria del Piccolo Lagazuoi, trenches dug by the Italian army during the First World War (in this case, remember why we required a flashlight).  Duration of the descent: around 1 hour 30 minutes.


From Falzarego Pass (2105 m) you take CAI path n. 441–419 which will take you to Averau Lodge (2413 m) passing by Limides Lake, a famous sheet of transparent water which is a favorite subject for lovers of photography. The ascent is not very difficult and can be done in just a few hours.
Once you arrive, you can dine and spend the night in the Averau Lodge. If you are in search of an even more spectacular sunset, we recommend the easy ascent that leads from the Averau Lodge to the summit of Mt. Nuvolau (2575 m) (travel time of around an hour). The eponymous lodge is the oldest in the Ampezzo Dolomites; it was actually built all the way back in 1883.


Alternatively, you can go via a small section of railway that leads from the lodge to the top of Mt. Averau (travel time: around 1 hour and 30 minutes)
In the evening, before a well-deserved rest, you can savor classic examples of Ampezzo cuisine accompanied by a nice glass of wine, provided by managers Paola and Sandrone.


4th day – Averau Lodge – Giau Pass – Ambrizzola Pass – Malga Federa
Enjoy a hearty breakfast in a lodge overlooking a breathtaking panorama that ranges from Mt. Pelmo and Mt. Civetta to Mt. Marmolada and the entire Fiorentina Valley.


With your backpack on your shoulders, leave in the direction of the Giau pass, across CAI path n. 452; from the Giau Pass (2236 m) heading for where the Giau Pass reaches an altitude of 2360 m. From here the trekking trail continues into the “Mondeval” zone, an enormous large prairie with the small Baste Lake; the archaeological site of the prehistoric Mondeval man is an obligatory stop, the famous grave of a hunter who lived 7,500 years ago, his remains can be found in the Museo Civico di Selva di Cadore. Traveling through the Ambrizzola Pass (2277 m) you can savor the enchanting atmosphere that opens onto the Becco di Mezzodì to the east and the summit of the Croda da Lago to the west; in front of your eyes, a unique panorama looking out over Cortina d’Ampezzo.


Continuing on CAI path n.434, you will arrive at the amazing Lago da Lago, at the foot of the mountain, where, time permitting, you can enjoy a swim in an all-natural pool. If you don’t want a bag lunch at the Averau Lodge, you can enjoy excellent food from the Croda da Lago Lodge.


Finally, the last effort is a brief descent down path n. 432 which will take you to the third and final lodge, where you can dine and spend the night. Malga Federa (1816 m)  is an isolated agro-tourism spot nestled in the forest on the eastern side of the Croda da Lago
Difficulty: medium difficulty, duration of around 6 hours


5th day – Malga Federa Campo – Cortina
After the meal head toward the Campo di Cortina d’Ampezzo, all on a carriage road, over path n. 432. Estimated time for the descent: 1 hour and 30 minutes.
At the end of the trekking, you return to the hotel by a taxi service shuttle, where you will spend the final night. Enjoy the afternoon with a shopping trip in the village and a final local-style dinner.


6th day
End of the tour and return to your chosen destination.


Phone Italy

+39 333 1419279

Phone for abroad

+39 0436 867274


€750,00 per person

  • Minimum 2 people
  • At the beginning of the trek, any personal luggage can be left the hotel accommodation in Cortina.
  • Overnight stays in the Lagazuoi and Averau Losges are provided for in half-board – drinks excluded. Also, in case of rain, the expert guide from Ampezzo can provide safe alternative routes.
  • Overnight stays in the hotel in Cortina and at a B&B in the Malga Federa – a midday bag lunch is the responsibility of the participant.


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