The island of Rhodes, the largest of the eastern Aegean Dedocaneso, at only 17 km from the coast of Turkey, is very famous and popular for its beaches and historical and archaeological sites. But only the most adventurous know about a hidden gem: the south west coast, part of the European network ‘Natura 2000’, which includes areas of great natural importance. A peaceful oasis in a green environment, home to deers, where turtles nest on the beaches and you can admire rare species of birds of prey, as well as enjoy the atmosphere and the traditional food of the small villages.
Here we propose a different kind of holiday for nature lovers: walks on deserted beaches, swimming in crystal clear seas, hikes along the paths in the hills, enjoying wonderful views but also tasting authentic Greek cuisine in the villages.
The accommodation is in two charming Greek styled houses, one of which is built of straw and local clay bricks, with the advice of an American architect who specializes in ecological buildings. The two houses have, in addition to living areas with two kitchens / living area, 6 spacious bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, divided into differently modeled apartments  that can accommodate up to 14/15 people.

The houses are situated between the Glikorizo gardens, facing the sea and 4 kilometers from  Apolakia, where there is the possibility of vacationing  in a fully furnished traditional Greek home, for up to 8 people.
If despite having functional kitchens, you prefer to have a prepared breakfast and dinner,  you can make prior arrangements with Teuta and Apostles,  who will cook for you. And we recommend you try the Greek “taverna”, which offers great food, both fish and meat (lamb, goat, poultry), of course starting off with the classic “Greek salad”, all washed down with the local wine.

There are many walks that deserve to be done. Among those not to be missed:

  • The trip to Mount Attavyros, the highest peak of Rhodes at m.1215 which offers a unique panorama of 360 °. Then you must try the local wines in typical Embonas cellars.
  • Other paths of varying lengths and characteristics, including monasteries and forests, with our Greek guide Stefano.
  • A short guided walk with Evi, the daughter of the last  Monolithos family of shepherds, reaching a unique bay to take a special swim, then stopping in the village to sample local honey and oil.

A very special beach, just 20 minutes by car from the house, is the wonderful Prassonissi, one of the most famous places in Europe for windsurfing and kitesurfing. It is connected by a ‘tombolo’ to the lighthouse at the far southern tip of the island, where you will always swim in calm waters , whichever way the wind blows.
There are beaches equipped with go-kart tracks, water parks and large hotels with spas. In less than an hour by car you can make a foray into history and archeology: the Acropolis and the picturesque village of Lindos or Kamiros ruins. If you travel to Rhodes you can visit the ancient city of the Knights, rebuilt by the Italians, make purchases in the quaint souvenir shops and stroll along the harbor to reach the Aquarium.

Recommended period: from May to June and from September to October.

Price for 2 people for 7 days – in a house by the sea                                     1.724,00

Price for 2 people for 7 days – in the Greek house in the village              1.560,00                                      

There is a 10% reduction for an extra week

The price includes;
– accommodation – with bedding and 1 towel per guest per week
– initial and final cleaning
– 2 dinners in typical restaurants
– 2 days with a guide
– 1 guided outing to visit tourist sites

Not included:
– car  rental – a necessity! (For trips and for transportation to and from the airport)
– indispensabile! (sia per gite sia per transfer da/per aeroporto)
– airplane flight
– any domestic help


Phone Italy

+39 333 1419279

Phone for abroad

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From € 1560.00 / for 2 people

  • accommodation – with bedding and 1 towel per guest per week
  • initial and final cleaning
  • 2 dinners in typical restaurants
  • 2 days with a guide
  • 1 guided outing to visit tourist sites


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