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4 summer excursions on the dolomites of Cortina | Italy

escursioni estive cortina dolomitiWith the beautiful season moving forward, today we present you with 4 summer excursions on the dolomites of Cortina. These excursions are “classic” and exciting if you wish to explore the Cortina d’Ampezza nature in search of the varied flora of the dolomites, its animals and the “hidden corners” of this splendid corner of the Italian alps.


Summer excursions on the dolomites of Cortina – nature, adventure and history


1) Son Forca and the Padeon valley


The Padeon valley is a classic for those passionate about Cortina d’Ampezzo: the summer excursion from Son Forca to the Padeon valley is simple and begins at Passo Tre Croci. If you love the flora and fauna of the dolomites then this is an itinerary that can’t be missed.


Departure: – Arrival: Passo Tre Croci – cozy shelter

Type: normal

Elevation gain: 300 meters

Time: 6 hours

Difficulty: E

CAI paths: 203


From Passo Tre Croci (1809 m) on S.S. 48 of the dolomites, heading northwest, you can access CAI path no.203 which takes directly to Passo Sonforcia (2110 m). From here you can easily reach the Son Forca shelter (2215), which offers a bit of relief but also a magnificent panorama which faces the entire valley.


Returning to path no. 203, you can undertake a dirt path which continues down the Padeon valley. You will pass a stream and enter into the live woods, losing some elevation through a series of turns until arriving at the intersection with the path that takes to Zumeles fork (1880 m). Continuing on you will reach the remains of Malga Padeon (alpine hut) (1841 m).


Shortly after the alpine hut you will find an intersection: here you can decide whether to take the trail on the left (no. 202-201) which descends onto the Granda valley before arriving at the Podestagno castle remains, or to continue down the main dirt road which takes to the cozy shelter (1490 m).



2) Fanes valley and Lake Limo


Departure – Arrival: Feliaon bridge (Pian di Loa)

Type: normal

Elevation:  860 meters

Time: 6 hours

Difficulty: E

CAI paths: 10


On S.S. 51 d’Alemagna heading north, you can park your car about one and a half kilometers after Fiames, at the entrance to the natural park of the Ampezzo dolomites , where you can also find the visitor center (near the refreshment area “Bar Lido Capo Verde”).


At the entrance to the natural park, having surpassed the small bridge over Rio Felizon (1367 m), take road number 10 which crosses Pian di Loa. Continuing on the same trail, number 10, you will come to the Fanes waterfall (2159 m), which offers a magnificent view of the Fanes-Sennes-Braies park. From here you can go up to the Fanes shelter (2060 m) on roads 10-11 (refreshment area). After having walked along the lake, you can continue on path number 10 towards Col Becchei; walk along the Croda d’Antriles and  go back down through the Antruiles valley  (still on path 10) until returning to the point of departure.



3) From Faloria to Sorapiss


This summer excursion on the dolomites of Cortina, from Faloria to Sorapiss, will take you to the areas of the ancient legend of lake Misurina and mount Sorapiss…


Departure – Arrival: Faloria – Passo Tre Croci

Type: normal

Elevation:  200 meters

Time: 6 hours

Difficulty: EE

CAI paths: 213 – 215 or road number 3


From Cortina  take the cable car to the Faloria shelter (2123 m); here the panorama is already splendid, but you must proceed: take the path no. 213 which takes to the Tondi shelter (2327 m), reachable also through a vehicle by payment. Having reached the Tondi shelter, continue to cross the peak of the Ciasadio mountain (2362 m), and reach the Faloria fork (2309 m). From the fork, Alta Via no. 3 begins; the path will therefore have both the numbers, that of AltaVia and that of no. 213.


Continue to half coast at the foot of the walls of Cesta (Ra Zesta) and,  having left the fork for Passo Tre Croci on the left side, you will reach the Ciadin fork (2378); you will pass a short section equipped with metal chords which take you to the hollow of Cadin del Lauda. Here a slightly exposed ledge (with a fixed chord) allows you to pass a rocky outcrop, after which a small descent begins; from here begins the path that takes to the amazing Lake Sorapiss (1923 m) and the A. Vandelli shelter (1928 m). After a brief rest in the Vandelli shelter you can go down road number 215 or Alta Via no. 3 which passes through Orti di Marcoira and arrives at Passo Tre Croci (1860 m), where the excursion ends.


4) Trip around Col Rosà


The trip around Col Rosà is a fascinating yet not well-known excursion on the dolomites.


Departure – Arrival: Felizon bridge (Pian di Loa)

Type: normal

Elevation:  200 meters

Time: 5 – 6 hours

Difficulty: E

CAI paths: 10 – 401 – 408 – 417


This itinerary departs from the same spot as the second trip: from highway Alemagna, heading north, you can park at the entrance of the natural park of the Ampezzo dolomites, near the visitor center (we are about 1,5 km from Fiames).


At the entrance of the natural park, having passed the small bridge on the Felizon river (1367 m), take road number 10 which crosses Pian di Loa. Continue on this road, pass the Óuto bridge (1380 m), and continue on the same road until arriving at the Cadorìs bridge (1483 m). After reaching path number 408, which takes to passo Posporcora, you can decide whether or not to climb to the top of Col Rosà through the Ettore Bovero hiking trail (if you choose this hiking trail, you must be prepared and have the proper equipment – the excursion becomes much more difficult).


Avoiding the Ettore Bovero hiking trail, you can start ascending sooner along a stony slope with little vegetation, then you can cross over an unstable canal and continue on the path, partly made more safe and comfortable with small wooden steps, entering into the woods. You can continue with a steady slope among the vegetation of the west side of the mountain, moving through the remains of a military base. Along the coast, paying careful attention to the trails and some fissures in the ground, you will reach the top.


The top offers a spectacular view of Cortina, characterized by a great sense of peace since it is less frequented compared to many other itineraries. After having descended down the same path (or through road number 417 which later intersects with number 408), you can continue on road 408 which crosses Pian De Ra Spines (1301 m) and which takes you back to Fiames, the original point of departure of the excursion.

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